Here is a video showing the function of Illumin8s installed in a '69 Camaro

a simple solution that works


It all started on the garage floor

I've been fortunate to have been exposed to a wide variety of cutting edge products that used LED technology very early in my career.  LED's are the future in lighting, so why not adapt it into our old musclecars.  Starting from an idea while sitting on the garage floor in front of my Dodge Challenger with my son.  He said to me, "It would be really cool if those parking lights could look like to Audi's with those white lights".  At that time the Audi's were the only cars available with the LED lighting on the headlights.  From my sons' idea it set in motion the creation of Illumin8s.  The day time running lights that act as amber blinkers and uses the existing connection as the bulb it replaces.


It's Plug and Play

I'm never been a fan of cutting or splicing an old cars wiring harness.  It invites problems that may happen tomorrow, a week or month from now.  I wanted to take this product the extra mile and make it completely self contained.  No cutting - No splicing - Just a simple swap and you're done.  All kits include a no-load digital flasher relay to ensure the proper function of the LED's and detailed instructions.  


Quality and Afforable

Pricing is always a consideration when we build our cars. By providing an affordable solution that not only improves the look of your car but enhances the safety by allowing you to be seen sooner while driving our Muscle Cars.  These kits use the stock lenses and housings to retain the factory look.  The LED arrays are designed and built to military standards and testing methods to ensure long life and durability using the finest materials to encapsulate the electronics making them impervious to moisture . 

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